Transformational Breath® Series (each Friday in February 2018)

Let's breathe consciously together through the month of February! Join us for a weekly series where you will be lead on an amazing journey into the depths of your own being, using the vehicle of Transformational Breath®.

The breath is your divinely-ordained tool for self-transformation. By using the powerful techniques of Transformational Breath® you can quickly learn the secrets of how to:
Quickly improve your physical health and vitality.
Easily release emotional blocks and open up to receive more love, peace and joy.
Unlock the magical portal that leads to a greater connection with Spirit or Higher Self.
These sessions begin with centering, intention setting and a brief explanation of the process. Next you are guided on a powerful transformational journey, riding on the vehicle of the breath, for the next hour. The time together ends with optional sharing of experiences, insights, and questions and answers about the journey. Discover your untapped potential for health, healing and happiness!

Transformational Breath® Series

Registration for Fridays, February 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd. 6:30pm-8:30pm

Led by: Rose Bissonnette, LICSW, CTBF; and Jane McGinn, BA, BCMT

Location: West Shore Wellness (459 Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI 02889)

Signup: call Jane at 401-450-4172.

Cost: $180 for Series of 4 Breath Sessions. Drop-in's are welcome ($50 per session).

Breath has the power to change our lives! It gives us energy, clears toxins, eases anxiety and depression and allows us to move forward to experience love and joy again.