Dear Friends,

I am bringing Transformational Breath® to the West Shore Wellness community. What is Transformational Breath®?

Transformational Breath® IS...A complete self-healing system using conscious breathwork to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace and greater joy in life.

What brought me to Transformational Breath was the fact that I had been unhappy with my life and went to see a therapist.  We did talk therapy for years, and although mentally I rationalized "moving forward", there was a feeling of something unresolved within me.  It was only when my therapist introduced these breathing techniques in our sessions that I began to feel actual relief. Most, if not all, of my self-sabotaging patterns have been cleared. 

I was so moved by the shifts in myself that I completed five levels of training over the past 18 months, and decided to become certified in Transformational Breath®.  My goal is to  help others to live free. My certification will be completed in January, if all goes as planned.

To complete my certification, I need 20 volunteers (singles or pairs) to come in for a one-hour breath session. In this session you will learn to breathe more openly and efficiently. You may experience a clearing of negative thought patterns, and feel lighter and more at peace.

Feel free to call me, or just book your session online. You may bring a friend, and both of you can breathe! If  booking online, be sure to select “Transformational Breath®” where it says “Choose Services”. Book Now. Note: These sessions are available on Sundays only.  Other days may open up as schedules allow.

Breath has the power to change our lives! It gives us energy, clears toxins, eases anxiety and depression and allows us to move forward to experience love and joy again.

I know that those who are ready for this work will be in touch.

See you soon!

Jane McGinn, BA, BCMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Transformational Breath® Facilitator Intern