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Spa Treatments

459 Sandy Lane Warwick, RI  Ph:401-450-4172

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S p a  T r e a t m e n t s


Spa Treatments are booked online 24/7 for your convenience!



One-on-One Personal Training

Benefits include:
  *toned muscles
*increased metabolism
*stronger bones
*improved muscle endurance
*decreased blood pressure

Call Maureen for a program tailored to your needs (401) 255-9152

Ned's next workshop: Mar. 17th 6:30pm

"I invite you to
live your life as a free and unrestrained flow
of being who you really are!" Ned Arvidson

               Be Authentic, Be Natural, Be You              
Location: West Shore Wellness
Date and Time: The 3rd Tuesday of each month.  6:30-8:00pm.
Questions??? Pls call Jane at 401-450-4172

This series is cumulative. However, each class is a unit unto itself. 
Come on the dates you can make it.  ...


Event Massage

We will travel to your location and provide chair massages for you, your staff and clients to make your event a huge success!  

TRAVEL YOGA - Add a yoga class to your special event to provide a healthy, relaxing activity for your guests.


Great job - see you again soon!


Congratulations to all of the new clients who have taken a yoga class. You are on the right path to getting an overall body workout and receive a state of calmness to the mind and body.

The benefits of yoga are endless, because it is a total mind-body workout that helps to condition the cardiovascular, strengthen muscle, create flexibility and promote relaxation.

I hope that you find your class to be energizing and also relaxing. Maureen

Welcome to West Shore Wellness!

Providing Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Yoga Classes, Holistic Workshops, and Training Courses, we are here to help you achieve and maintain personal wellness.  Our  Spa Treatments are very popular, featuring mud wraps, sugar scrubs, hot stones, and paraffin applications.  YOGA classes are offered at convenient times. 

We like to think of our studio as a respite from the demands of everyday living.  Our success lies in our approach to our clients which is professional, friendly and comforting all at once. We want our clients to feel at ease in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere that is highly conducive to letting go.


Can you imagine feeling at peace within and having an outward confidence that emanates from you with


 profound gentleness?  Find what works for you to obtain and maintain personal wellness.  We hope to be part


 of your path to health and healing!!!


We want you to be Relaxed

We will make every effort for you to feel Comfortable

You are Valued

We want you to feel Taken Care Of

Our environment is conducive to Letting Go

Our treatments are intended to help Reduce Fatigue

Yoga and Massage can Replenish Your Energy


Experience all of this by letting us provide your holistic services in our healing environment!!!

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Home Massage Therapy Gift Certificates Specials Yoga

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