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Sound Healing - October 2nd 4-7pm


Bring a blanket and pillow, and enjoy a unique experience of live music, relaxation, group connection, song, drums, sharing, and optional cacao beverage, facilitated by Nate Jones and Tara Conner.

Sunday, October 2nd 4:00 to 7:00 PM Cost $35

This event's theme is "Permission to Create", and will run a little longer than in the past, to allow sharing for anyone who wishes to. Nate and Tara will start off with a sound healing session, then afterwards there will be a song circle. Drums will be available for those who would like to play them (no experience necessary and it's fun!). A cacao beverage will be offered as a heart opener as we express the feelings we moved through during the experience and share the medicine of our personal wisdom.

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Massage with Lara and Jane

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"Relax, Renew, and Rejuvenate"

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The autumnal equinox happens tonight, at 9:03pm EDT, Summer turns to Fall. The duration of daylight and nighttime will be balanced at approximately 12 hours each.

Balancing aspects of our lives can bring us closer to the experience of harmony: activity/relaxation, warmth/coolness, outward engagement/inward focus, dreamstate/consciousness.

We hope you have a balanced and harmonious autumn season.

Lara, Maureen, and Jane


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