Relax, Meditate, Breathe, Resonate

Join Diana and me for a light afternoon to relax, receive, and rejuvenate. We will combine breathing, meditation, reiki, and sound to provide space for you to heal, find peace, and connect with your authentic Self. Would you like to manifest more light, love, presence, wisdom, discernment, peace, clarity, or joy? Bring your intention and allow Presence to manifest it in your life. Nothing to do - JUST BE. Spots are available! Click here for easy sign-up. (Under Services, choose "Relax, Meditate, Breathe, Resonate") Or call me at 401-450-4172 Jane


Morning Yoga

Starting mid-June, there are still spots open in Maureen's classes.

Call to register for the 4-week series. Beginners are welcome.

Maureen:255-9152 Jane:450-4172


Featured Service

60-minute Swedish Couples Massage

Enjoy with your friend or loved one... Hop onto our comfy tables and sink into relaxation. The benefits of this type of bodywork include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels, better sleep, and improved focus. Book online (under Services, choose "Couples") or call 401-450-4172.


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