• Summer Yoga, Meditation......and Spa Discounts for You

Summer YOGA Series

Fridays at 10am - Gentle Yoga: This class offers a gentle approach to yoga, incorporating elements of Vinyasa and YogaFit styles. This approach provides a mild cardiovascular workout as well as gentle challenges to increase flexibility, strength and endurance. Classes will also focus on breathing and relaxing the mind, allowing students to flow with ease through the yoga poses. Beginners are welcome!

4-Week Series July 16-August 6th8-Week Series July 16- September 3rd.

Saturdays at 10am - Yoga Ball: This is a slightly more intensive class, incorporating a stability ball that helps build core strength as well as shaping and toning all major muscle groups. This class also focuses on breathing and movements that build endurance and stamina. The yoga ball class is a great way to challenge yourself and make yoga fun!

4-Week Series July 17-August 7th8-Week Series July 17- September 4th.

Save 10% if you choose the 8-week Series... stay centered through July and August!

Feel free to call Maureen at 255-9152 with questions about the classes, or call Jane at 450-4172 if you prefer to sign up over the phone.

Relax, Meditate, Breathe, Resonate

´╗┐Join Diana and me for a Sunday afternoon of meditation, breathwork, gentle bodywork, and sound. This is a lovely way to relax, heal, and just BE... Call Jane at 401-450-4172 or Click below to sign up.


Head to Toe Body Bliss July savings 

´╗┐Single session – Save 10% off regular price

2-pack – Save 15% off regular price

*    Relaxing massage of head, neck and shoulders

*    Hot towel treatment throughout

*    Facial massage with warm and cool stones

*    Detoxifying mud wrap for the lower legs and reviving peppermint foot massage

*    Soothing back massage and back scrub.

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Enjoy your Independence Day, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Jane, Maureen, Lara and Diana