Sound Bath and Cacao Circle☕🍫🎵
Red, White and Blue

A note from Nate and Tara:

For this event we are incorporating a cacao circle, as well as the sound bath. This will be a chance to all sit and share wisdom about what we are each going through in a mindful listening container. We have found this to be a deeply healing community practice.


Cacao is a heart-opening, tasty beverage with mildly stimulating and mood enhancing effects. It is made from the beans inside the cacao fruit, and is the principle ingredient of chocolate. It contains a less-intense stimulant than caffeine called theobromine, which comes from Theo-broma, meaning "food of the gods". Cacao promotes a sense of calm well-being and fosters open communication and relaxation. Register here.

For the Sound Bath/Sound Healing portion, if you like, bring a pillow and light blanket, or anything to make yourself comfortable.

For the Cacao Circle, we will have cups to serve your beverage in, but if you have a favorite mug you'd like to bring from home, feel free to do so!


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